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One day I woke up and realized I appeared to be managing life well, but I was numb on the inside. I was moving on autopilot. I was not healthy mentally, physically, or spiritually.

I wanted to move from being overwhelmed to overjoyed.

Our to-do lists are a mile long and we are expected to be the best parents, children, friends, and employees that life has to offer. We are often told that we need to find balance when stressed. When I made the decision to choose joy, I wanted to help others do the same. I wrote Grace Space to encourage myself and others to rethink the concept of finding balance and free ourselves from guilt associated with not having it all. My hope is that when you finish reading Grace Space, you too can release the shame of comparing yourself to your expectations and make room to be truly overjoyed.



What is Grace Space?

Grace Space is a workbook that contains five short stories of grace shared by individuals who have crossed my path and left a lasting imprint. In each chapter, I discuss a step to help you navigate your grace journey.  At the end of each story, you will have an opportunity to reflect using activities designed to help you make space for grace.



This book is for you…

  • If you feel overwhelmed by multiple priorities and are unsure about how to get started

  • If you have attempted to find balance but felt torn into 1,001 pieces

  • If you are facing a crossroads and are unsure about which choice to make

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Meet Dr. Thommi

After parlaying a perfectly good B.B.A. in Accounting into advanced degrees and stints in IT, HR, and academia, I finally found my perfect niche! As a career counselor, I draw upon my corporate experience on both sides of Human Resources. My solutions-based therapeutic approach uniquely addresses the overlap between career success, interpersonal relationships, and home life.

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